Hawksbill migrations in the Caribbean

Dr. Kristen Hart from USGS and her colleagues recently published some exciting research out of Buck Island Reef National Monument in St. Croix. They tracked 31 hawksbills during their post-nesting migrations and identified foraging areas throughout the Caribbean basin. Checkout their paper in the journal Biological Conservation HERE. The above picture is their fascinating Figure 6 where they compare their identified foraging areas to previous hawksbill tracking studies in the region. Is a pattern emerging? We (the Jumby Bay Hawksbill Project and I) hope to add to this body of work with more satellite tracks out of Antigua from our ongoing work!

Andrew Maurer

I am a PhD Candidate and NSF Graduate Research Fellow at NC State. My PhD research focuses on hawksbill sea turtle nesting in Antigua & Barbuda. Contact me at asmaurer@ncsu.edu.